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KYOCERA SharePoint Connector

Reach into SharePoint directly from your MFP

Microsoft SharePoint is widely used by many businesses for document storage and online collaboration. While it is easy to store electronic files in SharePoint, uploading hardcopy documents involves a multi-step process: the document is typically scanned and sent by e-mail, renamed, and then uploaded into SharePoint with the relevant index information.

KYOCERA SharePoint Connector streamlines this process by enabling direct access from the MFP into SharePoint. Users log into their account at the MFP panel, enter index data, and then scan the document directly into the relevant SharePoint library. Similarly, they can browse folders and print documents on demand. This both saves time and makes usage easier.

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Features & Specifications
KYOCERA Sharepoint Connector creates a bidirectional link between your MFP and your SharePoint server. It enables you to store documents directly from the MFP to your existing SharePoint document libraries for instant company-wide collaboration. Name and index the documents you are scanning for easier search and retrieval. Easily browse document libraries, and create new folders if needed. Conveniently retrieve previously stored PDF and TIFF documents to print on demand at your MFP, and use the full text search when looking for specific documents. Multiple SharePoint servers are supported, to ensure enterprise-wide access to information.


The Power to Multiply