The Power to Multiply

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MHP Technology

4.0 x 40.0mm Crosscut - Deskside
4.0 x 40.0mm Crosscut - Departmental
4.0 x 40.0mm Crosscut - Departmental


4.0 x 40.0mm Crosscut - Departmental
50314The new Matrix-High-Performance (MHP) cutting cylinders are high quality composite steel cutters that are granting a long life circle. Its patented manufacturing process preserves resources by considerable saving of raw materials compared to a conventional production of cutting cylinders. This new innovation is Oilfree for comfortable and environmental-friendly shredding.  No time consuming lubrication of the cutting cylinders required. Separate waste containers for environmentally friendly recycling of the waste.  It has an extremely quiet operation for a particularly pleasant working atmosphere.

Feed width: 260 mm
Shred capacity A4 80 gsm: 15 -17 sheets
Shred size: 4.0 x 40.0mm
Security level: P-4, F-1, O-3, T-4, E-3
Operation: Electronics
Shred speed: 4.5 m/min
Waste volume: 60 litres
db (A) when idle: 46 db
Motor: 650 Watts
Voltage: 230 V
Dimensions/HxWxD: 865 x 545 x 435 mm
Weight: 43 kg


The Power to Multiply