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KYOCERA Data Security Kit

Data Security Kits for Printers and Multifunctionals

The safety equipment for your data

Today’s privacy and confidentiality requirements for corporate and government entities demand security as part of their overall business strategy. Protecting the data that is printed, scanned, copied or stored, all a part of the day-to-day operations and workflow every company experiences, is essential.

Performing any of these vital tasks can leave a latent imprint of sensitive data on a system’s hard disk drive; protecting the confidentiality of this data from unwanted intrusion and access is a challenge that must be met.

Protect your company’s confidential documents, information and assets with KYOCERA ’s optional Data Security Kits for select MFPs and Printers.

Features & Specifications

KYOCERA ’s Data Security Kit is very simple to implement, easy to use and highly reliable, providing a consistent and effective deterrent from unauthorized access and activity.

Common Criteria ISO/IEC 15408 / IEEE 2600.1 certified

Small introduction to IEEE 2600
IEEE 2600™ – 2009 Standard for Information Technology: Hardcopy Devices (HCDs) and System Security

Overview IEEE 2600 Operational environments

IEEE 2600 operational environments are based on market segments

Devices certified according to IEEE 2600.1 – with (optional) Data Security Kit (E):

More detailed information is available to be downloaded following the links for the related Data Security Documents and White Papers on the right hand site of this page..

Common Criteria Validated EAL3

Common Criteria EAL3 Certified Data Security Kits
Date Security Kit (B) has been ISO 15408 Certified
Date Security Kit (C) has been ISO 15408 Certified
Data Security Kit (E) has been ISO 15408 Certified

* The validation for information security that these products have earned indicates that it conforms to the assurance requirements as a result of evaluations based on specific evaluation criteria and evaluation standards.

Data Security Kits / Models Support / *devices without dedicated certification

Data Security Kit (B):

Data Security Kit (C):

Data Security Kit (E):


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