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KYOCERA Fleet Services

KYOCERA Fleet Services

Maintain your entire fleet from the cloud.

KYOCERA Fleet Services (KFS) is a powerful, web-based service to perform remote maintenance on customers fleet. Hosted in the cloud, KYOCERA Fleet Services enables companies and their service staff to view device status, quickly and easily identify and respond to issues and undertake key maintenance task, all from any location.

Compared to regular fleet management solution KFS goes far beyond the normal device monitoring and is the best fit for all Kyocera devices. Here the power of remote maintenance can be applied and equips each service department to become more efficient.
Reducing service costs by avoiding customer visit, improve customer satisfaction by faster reaction and resolution times, these are just a few pains that are well addressed with KFS.

Screenshot of KYOCERA Fleet Services

Business Challenges

  • We have limited capacity to identify and respond to issues, and this increased downtime is affecting productivity – can we address issues more quickly?

  • Device maintenance needs can catch us off guard, and reactive site visits are causing our servicing costs to escalate – can we bring these down?

  • My fleet is made up of both Kyocera devices and devices from other manufacturers – is there a single management solution for my fleet?

* Additional maintenance features are available for Kyocera devices only.

Your advantages with KFS

  • Respond faster: Keep a clear overview of the status of all devices in your fleet and receive notifications of any issues directly via the cloud, enabling quicker identification and response.
  • Reduce costs: with remote maintenance, on-site servicing visits can be reduced, while detailed device history reporting enables the maintenance needs of each device to be pre-empted and planned.
  • Manage all of your devices: the core monitoring features are available for devices from multiple manufacturers*, giving you the complete picture in one simple, manageable solution.

The complete solution for remote maintenance

The system‘s core features enable web-based monitoring of all devices in your fleet, while enhanced functions give you the freedom to perform troubleshooting and maintenance of Kyocera devices remotely, such as:

  • Device notifications - receive device status notifications by email and service staff can address issues before users are even affected.
  • Panel Screenshot - use your PC to view real-time panel screens of your devices to support troubleshooting and service calls.
  • Dashboard - get a clear overview of the status of your entire fleet on one simple screen. Quickly identify devices that need your urgent attention and react faster to any issues that arise.
  • Reporting - run detailed reports to monitor the status and performance of your devices. 
  • Firmware Updates - upgrade your firmware packages via the cloud, and receive new firmware upgrades at your convenience.
  • Maintenance and device settings - configure the maintenance mode and device setting of your devices remotely.
  • Panel note - get text notifications of ongoing servicing information directly on the panel screens of your devices to help users stay informed.
  • HyPAS application deployment - deploy and activate your purchased HyPAS applications remotely.


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