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KYOCERA Net Manager

KYOCERA Net Manager 

It’s time to bring your unnecessary print costs under control.  KYOCERA Net Manager (KNM), an award-winning business application that streamlines fleet management for both Kyocera and non-Kyocera devices, is here to help you reduce waste and prevent data leakage.

Printing should be simple – with KNM it is. One single and simple solution enables you to control print management, cost, and security.

Detailed reporting gives you the data you need to ensure your devices are being used as efficiently as possible, while easy-to-use dashboards help your administrators identify who’s printing the most and at what cost. Moreover, with KNM your documents and confidential data remains safe. Queued documents are printed only upon identity authentication.

In the digital age, it is crucial to be able to count on a solution that is both technologically integrated and finely tuned to cater to your needs. KNM has got you covered.

User-friendly, efficient, customizable

KNM is a robust and intuitive solution which lets users customize the interface in accordance to workflows and standard business practices. By being able to define print policies and user permissions (including guest users), KNM provides greater security, while one touch scan and print options boost productivity. Functions & Features

Elevate your business to the next level

KNM provides optimal print management solutions for improved productivity, reduced costs, and greater security.
Accounting & reporting
Detailed reports provide key insights 
which help identify areas to boost 
Users are required to log in using 
an ID-Card, PIN or a combination of 
both to ensure maximum security.
Secure print release
Easily print your jobs at any print 
device, anytime, knowing that your 
jobs will always be seen by you first.
Mobile Print
Mobile authentication, driverless printing, and 
contactless mobile print release facilitates 
convenience and mobility.
Personalized workflows
Users can enjoy one-touch printing and 
scanning to boost efficiency.
Device management
The ability to monitor devices provides 
greater control and security.

System Requirements

KNM requirements

  • Server HW 2GHz, 2GB RAM *
  • Server Operating System Windows Server 2008 / 2008 R2 / 2012 / 2012r2 and latest
  • Windows Vista / 7 / 8 **
  • supported by 32bit and 64bit OS

User Operating System (standard printing)

  • Windows all versions
  • Linux all distribution
  • MAC OS all versions
  • ERP and other systems supporting LPR

User Operating System (projects, local monitoring)

  • Windows Vista and higher
  • Linux -  all distributions


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