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Long Life Technology

Ordinary printers require that the drum or other developing components be changed after several thousand or tens of thousands of prints. Changing these components produces large amounts of waste, which is not economical and places a burden on the environment. In order to solve such problems, we incorporate long life technology into our products to ensure that printer and multifunction product components can be used for a long time. For example, we use amorphous silicon, which has high surface hardness, in the photoconductor drums that play a central role in image creation. This achieves a durable drum that is capable of printing approximately 600,000 sheets without part replacement. Another proprietary KYOCERA Document Solutions technology is our “toner only” replacement system. In addition to the drum, we have improved the durability of parts that usually need to be replaced periodically, ensuring that the only thing that requires regular replacement is toner. This drastically cuts running costs for the customer using the product. Our efforts related to such long life design technology have been well received around the world, and have won the trust of many customers.

Nine of KYOCERA Document Solutions’ monochrome printers and multifunction products were highly acclaimed by BLI, an independent, US-based office equipment assessment organization, in 2011, when we also received the 2011 Monochrome Printer Line of the Year award. KYOCERA Document Solutions products continue to receive high ratings, having been given the Pick of the Year award for three color multifunction products / two color printers in 2012 and color and monochrome printer line in 2013.


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