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Philcopy Document Management System (PDMS)

Fast and easy digital archiving and retrieval

Digital archives provide super fast retrieval of information in seconds together with all the benefits of having your data in digital format such as backing up off-site, over the internet, and saving space and manpower to store, maintain and handle physical files. PDMS provides all this and more at a low cost.

This cross platform digital archiving solution features easy archiving with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), customized fields and tagging, and is streamlined to work flawlessly with your monochrome or colored Kyocera MFP. Features include multi- scanner, multi-database, and multi-user support, and even allows you to archive existing digital documents of over 200 formats.

PDMS pays for itself

  • Digital searchable pdf files provide easy manipulation and use of information
  • Easy setup and administration, web browser based engine works with any operating system. Very low hardware requirements for server
  • Easily create on or off site backups of your file archives for safety and insurance
  • Digital Files for easy manipulation and backup whether on or off site
  • Fast and easy document retrieval with tags and custom fields
  • Increase savings and personnel productivity with less cost on space and a faster, more efficient workflow
  • Customized fields for tagging and input before storage for optimized workflows and even higher efficiency


  1. Web based centralized configuration and maintenance.
  2. Wide range backup/restore solution.
  3. User/Group rights management.
  4. Access logging.
  5. Requires little administrative effort.
  6. No client side software to be installed.
  7. Replication and cluster solutions for scaling.


  1. Web based client user interface.
  2. Import/Export documents from the interface.
  3. Powerful search engine.
  4. Print directly from the interface.
  5. No additional viewers to be installed.
  6. Allows enlargement/reduction and rotation of archive pages.

PDMS Features

  • Multi-database and multi-user support
  • Client/server solution capable of storing millions pages
  • Powerful search engine retrieve files in seconds
  • Long Term Readability of data
  • Customizable User Interface
  • Requires little administrative effort
  • Web based configuration and maintenance
  • Wide range of backup solutions (network backup, internet based backup, local hard disk)
  • User/Group rights management
  • Cross Platform, Web Based Technology (runs on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Android, and other OS for mobile devices)
  • License-free for unlimited number of users
  • Up to 80 user specific fields
  • Centrally controlled authorizations for users and user groups
  • Supports color or monochrome Multifunctional Machines)
  • Modular Design, new features or modules can be added
  • First class, multi-lingual text recognition software (Automatic OCR) with 99% accuracy
  • Barcode and form recognition when scanning documents
  • PDF download of every document
  • Direct-Print technology to print direct to archive
  • Supports most industry standard document file formats (pdf, gif, jpeg, tiff etc)
  • User access logs report
  • Easy single-disk seamless installation with Linux operating system

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