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Smart BIT Ribbon Shredder

The Smart Bit Ribbon Shredder is the perfect solution to ensure that any sensitive data left on the panels of used card printer ribbons are instantly disposed of in a secure environment, without the need of any 3rd party involvement. With used printer ribbons containing names, job title's, expiry dates and even employee numbers, it's not hard to see why this is such a severe security risk. The IDP Smart Bit shredder is compatible with all leading card printer ribbon manufacturers and can shred dye-sub, wax and resin ribbons.

Ease of Use

The Smart BIT Shredder has two-speed options, a standard and fast mode shredding speed depending on the user's requirements. It is incredibly easy to use, taking just 60 seconds to set up. The auto-stop feature means the machine will automatically stop once the job has been completed, or when the waste bag is full saving valuable time.

Twisted Micro Cut Technology

The Smart BIT Shredder’s unique twist and cut motion shreds the ribbon into tiny unrecognizable particles. Once shredded, the particle sizes are approximately 2.5mm, meaning they are unreadable and unable to be put back together. Once the waste bag is full, just empty this into a standard waste bin and restart the process.


The lightweight design means the shredder can be easily moved from location to location. In terms of size, the machine will fit nicely onto a standard office desktop space.


The big plus point for the Smart Bit shredder and the reason we believe it will be one of our best selling products is the fact that it is not restricted to just IPD Smart ribbons. The shredder is fully compatible with all leading printer manufacturer brands and can shred dye-sub, wax and resin ribbons from 60mm to 90mm, however, it is not advisable to put lamination films into the machine.


When opting for the fast mode, the Smart BIT can shred up to 20 meters of ribbon per minute. That’s an incredible 1,200 meters an hour.

Bin Capacity

There is no need for the user to continually return to the machine to empty a ribbon once shredded. The catch basin has enough space for up to 6 shredded ribbons, working of 6x 250 imprints per ribbon.


Shreadable Ribbon Type

Dye-Submilaton Ribbon, Resin & Wax Ribbon

Shreadable Ribbon Width

60mm to 90mm (Installable Ribbon Core Width: Max 120mm)

Installable Ribbon Diameter

Max. 80mm diameter

Shredding Speed

Max. 15 meters / minute

Shreeder Bin Capacity

6 Rolls (YMCKO, 250 cards/roll)

Cutting Type

Twisted Micro Cut

Shredded Particle Size

Approx 2.5mm


Speed (Normal or Fast mode), Start & Stop, Reverse

Auto Stop

Finished Shredding, Full Waste Bag


4 LEDs, 3 Buttons

Power Supply

Free Voltage (AC100 / 240V, 50~60Hz)

Power Consumption

DC 24V, 2A

Temperature / Humidity

15~35℃ / 35~70%

Dimensions (W x H x L)

212 x 357 x 366 mm / 8.3 x 14.0 x 14.4 inches


The Power to Multiply