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SMART ID Card Printers

We are proud to introduce the newly enhanced Smart ID Card Printers. These printers deliver reliable performance, high quality and user convenience. Ideal for small to medium-sized corporations, banks, schools and government facilities. Dual or single sided direct thermal printing of photos, barcodes, digitized signatures and various encodings.

SMART series

Single-sided ID Card printing

·   Hand-fed desktop printer

·   Compact lightweight design

·   Entry level low-volume

SMART-81 Series
Retransfer Card Printer
SMART-81 is a new generation retransfer card printer that offers the fastest production speed in the industry. 
Single-Sided ID Card Printing
Value Class ID card printer series that is a perfect solution for printing ID cards at a low budget.
Single-Sided ID Card Printing
ID card printers that don't break the bank. This series offer detailed imagery, high print speeds and modular upgrades.
SMART-70 Series
High-Volume ID Card printing
High-performance large capacity ID card printer designed for its unique modular concept that can support various printer configurations

SMART Laser Card Printer

A perfect solution for instant personalization of secure cards in an environment where the maximum level of security is required.

Laser Engraver

Laser engraver module of SMART-70 Series
Can be a stand-alone laser engraver or with SMART-70 modules.

SMART Ribbon Shredder

Smart BIT Ribbon Shredder is the first of its kind. It provides a secure way to instantly dispose of used ID card printer ribbons.

Ribbon Shredder

Smart BIT Ribbon Shredder
Perfect solution to ensure any sensitive data left on panels of used ribbons are instantly disposed of in a secure environment


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