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Ecosys Concept

ECOSYS Technology

By developing long-life components, we have reduced the costs for our customers and helped sustain the environment.

KYOCERA's Long-Life Technology - ECOSYS

Based on KYOCERA Document Solutions' many years of expertise in unique long-life technology for printers, under the basic philosophy of "Continuing to develop and produce remarkable environmentally conscious products true to the name of the printer brand 'ECOSYS' all through the ages," KYOCERA Document Solutions is developing environmentally conscious products and technologies in various aspects.

  • ECOSYS printers offer a uniform platform (i.e. unified operation, unified drivers and unified options) for maximum flexibility and expandability.
  • By reducing consumable items by long-life design developed under the ECOSYS concept and conducting energy-saving efforts, we have achieved a remarkable reduction in Typical Energy Consumption values and CO2 emissions, compared to conventional models. 
  • Up to 85% less electronic waste during the life of the printer thanks to the low-waste design of ECOSYS technology.


ECONOMY: Optimised workflow efficiency 
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is the true lifetime cost of a device as operating expenses can significantly exceed the original purchase price. ECOSYS devices are designed to minimise both direct costs, such as consumables, and indirect costs, such as energy usage and administration, invariably offering the lowest TCO in their class.

ECOLOGY: Minimised environmental impact 
KYOCERA's long-life technology utilises our extensive expertise in ceramics. The durable drum is integral to the printer; the only consumable is the toner cassette. ECOSYS printers consume fewer materials in manufacture, generate less waste and simplify recycling, thereby minimising environmental impact.

SYSTEM: Effortless system integration
With KYOCERA ECOSYS devices offer a wide range of enhancements designed to maximise document output productivity. Additional functionalities and upgrades are available, optimising the long-term benefit of investment. Finally, KYOCERA Document Solutions' integrated system software ensures long-term and cross-network compatibility.


The Power to Multiply